Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Scraproom Update: Full Steam Ahead!

Last I talked about my new scraproom was way back HERE.  We were painting...that's just about where it stopped too.  We were waiting for the electrician to come in & add lighting but our stars didn't align for awhile.

Then we get a call from the cabinet designer to set up a installation date, so we had to kick it into high gear.  We first had to rip out the old carpet that's been in the room since we moved in 12 years ago.The cabinets & desk were going to be installed before the carpet was installed.  Joe tore it all out & I helped pull out some staples. 

A few days later the counter tops for the cabinets & desk were delivered.  I had sort of forgotten what I had picked out & LOVE how they turned out!!  The colors I'm going with for the room are Purple (obviously), White, Black & Gray.  I am in love with most things gray lately & I love it paired with purple.

We finally managed to get the electrician in to install 4 high hats & a new ceiling fan with lights.  It's amazing what lighting can do to a room!  This room previously had lighting from the furniture & a lamp that did nothing for the size room it is. 

Soon after, the cabinets were delivered.  I couldn't believe how many pieces there were!  Never mind trying to figure out what went where...but luckily, that's not my job. ;)

Here's a sneak peek of the desk.....

A peek of the counter top & cabinets (that I LOVE!!)

The desk all put together.

Counter again (also waiting on some hardware for the cabinets)

This is where the work island is going to be after the carpet gets installed....

Angled view of the counter

The carpet was installed the morning of Marissa's sleep over was a hectic weekend to say the least.  It's a gray/charcoal color with a slight waffle-ish pattern to it. Soft & comfy.

The Monday after the Birthday Extravaganza I started moving in, despite it not being completely done.  Hey, I was told I could move in & I took full advantage of it! 

Moving in was both fun & stress full.  As much as I like organizing, I wanted to make sure I was comfortable with it all & not have to move things around a gazillion times.  I wanted to move in as fast as I could & get back to scrapping!  As it was I fell behind in my Project Life album...need to catch up!

This is my old space downstairs in the Den after most of my stuff was moved out.  Looking mighty empty...

One of the bottom drawers in my new cabinets hold my alpha stickers.  Confession: I have two drawers like this of alphas.....I have a problem.

A few weeks went by & the island was finally installed.  This counter was a Corian top with a slightly different color from the cabinets but I love the play of colors!  The shelves are for all my patterned papers & cardstock. 

I had mentioned to Joe that these pretty shelves from Michael's would look cute in between the 3 windows so after the island was installed I bought one & he installed it right away.  After filling it up we both agreed that another one on the opposite window would balance out the I happily went back to Michael's for another! ;)

A long time ago, I found this HUGE letter "S" at TJ Maxx.  It was a vintage-y white, but I wanted it a bright white.  Joe offered to spray paint it for me & took it to his shop.....only it got put off for awhile.  It wasn't high priority since I had nowhere to put it.  Of course once I started moving my things in, along with my collection of "S"'s I asked him if he could bring it home since I wanted to spray it purple.  He said "Oh you don't want it white anymore?" & I said no I want it the purple-ly grape color that I had sprayed a few other things (wire baskets from Target).  He said sure no problem, all casual like.  Just a few hours later, he comes home holding my S all shiny PURPLE!!  He had already been spray painting it for me as a surprise!  He completely "gets" me!!

Since he did such a great job, I casually asked him if he minded spraying a few more things (I may have bowed to his superior spraying abilities) & sent him to work the next day with this owl (it was white) & this S (that was black but I already had a lot of black S's).  By that night I had these in my craftroom.  He rocks my world!

We got 2 of THESE chairs online from Target for the work island.  They've got a "suede" feel to them & they're comfy.

So now, I am all moved in & catching up on Project Life.  We have a few things left that we're waiting on to finish off the room then I'll share it all!


Valerie said...

Oh Sara!!! It looks amazing - can't wait to see your full reveal!

Regina White said...

WOW! Great space. O and those alphas. Girl you are crazy. That is a ton. I am so jealous. Love your spot and can't wait to see more. Congrats on the new digs.