Saturday, June 23, 2012

She is Eight

Here are 8 things about Gianna on her 8th birthday...

1.  Her favorite color is green. (And the future color of her bedroom)
2.  She loves to read.  Her favorite books to read are any by Dan Gutman.
3.  She's petite in size.  She can easily wear size 6 clothes.
4.  She is very independant.  She likes to do things on her own.  Always has.
5.  She likes dressing up but has been more into jeans or shorts lately.  When we're home for the night she's quick to put her pj's on & get comfy.
6.  She still sleeps with her pink fuzzy blanket, that she's had since she was a baby.
7. She's a picky eater.  She doesn't like trying new foods, but LOVES her carbs!  She would eat waffles, pancakes, or pasta all the time if we let her.
8.  She is my tempermental sweetheart. Quick tempered, but with a heart of gold.

Eight is Great!!

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Carla said...

Happy Birthday Gianna!!! hope you she a wonderful Day!!!!