Tuesday, June 12, 2012

12 on 12 June

Can't believe how fast the year is going!  Here are my 12 on 12 for June....

Finally stopped procrastinating & made the girls' their annual doctor appointments.  They don't like going since they always get their fingers pricked but this time, Marissa also has to get SHOTS!  She knows it & is NOT a happy camper.

Since today's plans changed due to weather, I found time to get my hair cut.  I couldn't stand it anymore & was LONG overdue.  My last haircut was in February!  This was my second time at this salon with Nichol & I love the cut!

Loving the freebie from Silhouette today!  I'm a sucker for polaroid shapes!

Been trying to warm up since getting home from my haircut.  It's been raining & I always feel cold when it rains.  My beat up, worn out, purple, fuzzy slippers were the perfect fix to warm up my feeties!

My little ducklings walking to the car in the rain after school.  Marissa has the cutest owl umbrella IN her backpack, but refuses to use it for whatever reason & arrives to the car soaking wet.  **SIGH**

The second chair for my work island in the scraproom came today!  The room is getting closer & closer to being "done"!

Made a big pot of sauce for dinner tonight.  Unfortunately, by the time Joe came home it was late & he wanted to order in pizza.  Oh well, less cooking for me, I guess!

Finally going trough all the papers that need to be filed/tossed that were threatening to escape the cubbies above.  Still have more to go through but it was a good start.

Joe did such an awesome job painting my large "S" that I asked him to paint these for me too.  He did it without hesitation.  The man is truly amazing!

The new chair for my work island in my scraproom, put together by my handy hubby, despite my telling him to relax & do it tomorrow.  He was determined & I think a little curious to see how it looked with both chairs.

How full my project life binder is & it's only up to April 9th.  Starting to think I might need more than 1 binder.  I might have to cut back on all the inserts I keep in there....

This corner of my scraproom needs to be cleared out by Saturday.  The twin size futon we ordered will be delivered & go here.  Just a few more things to do & I'll be able to call it done!

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