Friday, June 1, 2012

Marissa's Pioneer Day

Every year at school, the fifth graders celebrate Pioneer Day.  Not that it's a holiday or anything.  They're just learning about it in class & have a day where they dress up like pioneers & do crafts like they would back then....of yeah, they also get paired DANCE..with BOYS!  ;)

I took the easy route (sorta) & ordered Marissa a costume online.  I don't sew & didn't think I'd have an easy time coming across a bonnet....  Marissa was happy with her costume.  I told her it's going to double as her Halloween costume...yes, she rolled her eyes at me. 

First thing the kids did was the dance.  It's best described as a square dance.  The girls lined up on one side & the boys on the other.  Some kids took it in stride, while others were downright not happy about it.

Afterwards we took advantage for photo opportunities.  Marissa with some of her BFF's.  No they did not plan on matching....

When they went back to their classrooms, they did an assortment of crafts.  Broken into groups they did weaving (or looming), dried apple wreaths, photo frames, made pumpkin mini muffins, and a few other things (that I don't remember).

Marissa really got into "looming" as she calls it.

I signed up to take pictures of all the fifth graders.  One of the moms brought in props & we posed the kids in front for pics.  The girls sat in a rocking chair holding a quilt, & the boys stood holding a pretend rifle.

Marissa looks so cute & had so much fun!  Despite having to dance.... WITH BOYS! ;)

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Anonymous said...

That looked like a great time! Love the last picture!