Friday, June 8, 2012

5th Grade Volleyball

Today was the 2nd annual Joe's vs Pros Volleyball game at the girls' school.  The 5th graders (Joe's) against the faculty (Pros).  The kids wore orange team shirts while the faculty wore blue.  The teachers played a game against each 5th grade class (there are 3).  The 5th graders came in a class at a time & ran around the court high-fiving all the younger grades.  Then the teachers were all announced with team nicknames, but weren't nearly as cheered on as the kids.

The rest of the grades acted as the cheering squad.  At lunchtime they bought pom poms for their teams.  Gianna (in orange) is in the front row, rooting for her sister.


The cutest little cheerleader there!

They were playing with a beachball so the rules were modified a bit.  The first class up won their game against the teachers.  Then Marissa's class was up.  The teachers (a few in particular) were playing ruthlessly & won that round. :( 


Before starting the next game, the whole school took a break & danced the "cha cha slide".  It's a favorite around here. Then it was back to business.  This is what it looked like when the last class played.  This game seemed to go the longest & you couldn't help but feel the kids desire to win.  It was intense! 

 Happily the 5th graders won!  They beat the teachers 2-1!!  The roars of everyone inside the gym was deafening!!  It was happy chaos!  Of course, I couldn't pass up a few photo opportunites...

Marissa with her friends...

Way to go 5th graders!!

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