Thursday, June 14, 2012

Marissa's 5th Grade Party

Every year the 5th graders at Marissa's school have this big, FUN, end of the year picnic party at a nearby park.  There are a lot of activities that all the kids get to do throughout the day.  They are split up into groups that rotate between all the activities.  Marissa's group was up first at the DUNK TANK!  While it was a nice day, it wasn't very hot, but there was no way the kids were going to pass up going in!  Too much fun!!  They took turns aiming the play & being the "dunk-ee".  If they couldn't hit the target after 3 trys they  used their one would get left un-dunked!!  LOL!

 The kids played a variety of games like volleyball, kickball, minute-to-win-it games, water balloon toss, & wall ball.  They had a DJ there mixing tunes too.  I think all the groups danced to Cotten-Eyed Joe.  I know Marissa's teacher made a point of dancing with all the groups from her class--she can take any of them on! 

This was our group at some point before having lunch....

The best part was after lunch when the fire truck arrived.  No there wasn't a fire.....they came to hose all the kids down!!

There's Marissa being adventurus.

She told me she couldn't see from all the water....

The fire fighters made sure to shoot the water far too, just in case though they had an extra hose nearby, so there was no hiding from it!

Afterwards the sopping wet 5th graders....

I gave Marissa a BIG hug.  She had so much fun!

Her & Ariel, BFF's since Kindergarten.

When they were dried off (mostly) they all got these backpacks to use for next year in middle school.  Inside was their personal memory book with pics from all their years at the school.  They also got class t-shirts to wear to their "assembly"/graduation tomorrow. (They don't call it graduation, but it's much better than the "Principle's Assembly" that they call it.)

Then came the traditional signing of the yearbooks.  It brought back so many memories....and made me want to dig out my yearbooks. ;)

Our 5th's been amazing!

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