Sunday, February 26, 2012

Two Years in the Making....

Back in January 2010, Joe & I made a decision to convert our guest room into my scrap room. However, we had a bedroom set that needed a home. We put the word out that we were getting rid of it, but no takers.

Our guest room used to be the master bedroom until we remodeled the house & changed things around. We don't have a lot of sleep over guests except for my sister when she babysits & doesn't feel like driving home if we stay out late. ;) For the most part our guest room was used as storage. Things that needed a home would sit in the room until we got around to it. I used the room to pack suitcases.

Basically it wasn't being put to good use.

Here's a view of the room entering from the girls' hallway. (excuse the mess) The room has those 3 windows facing our street, with beautiful light during the day.The doorway on the other side leads thru to our master bathroom & closet that leads to our master bedroom now.This is the view coming from the other direction.
It's a great room, with big furniture. Not easy to find a new home for. So, I pretty much gave up & moved on. I bought a bunch of the scrap cubes from Michael's & Joe got me a small IKEA Expedit & we made things work. I've been pretty happy with it since my stuff was now more accessible & organized.

Now once again I seem to be maxed on space. **sigh** Can't win.

Back in January, my mom was over & I mentioned wanting to get rid of the furniture. She jumped on it & said she wanted it. My sister measured my mom's room & said it would be a little tight but it would fit in her room.

So we made plans.

It took awhile to get everything moving but this weekend the furniture was moved.

The room is empty.

I can hardly believe it, but we can now get the ball rolling on my scrap room!!

Right now we are making plans on what I want where. How I work. Basically what I want from the room before we start, so Joe can make plans. He's been picking my brains & adding some great ideas.

First up we need to get some lights installed. Then paint & new carpet (the room has the original carpet from when we moved in 12 years ago!) So basically, nothing's happening overnight BUT the dream is finally becoming a reality!

I will happily accept this as my early birthday present! Yeah, ok so my birthday isn't until the 5th (hint hint hint) & I know it won't be done in time for my birthday BUT regardless, I am one happy girl!!


Valerie said...

Lucky Sara!! That looks like a nice big room for a scrap space. I've got my eye on my hubby's home office. Trying to build out new digs for him in half of our garage.
Can't wait to see what you and your husband come up with!

Anonymous said...

It looks like it's going to be a great space to scrapbook! I can't wait to see the finished product!