Friday, February 17, 2012

Scrap Cards

Not patterned paper scraps.
I'm talking cardstock.

No matter how often I use them I seem to aquire more & more & MoRe!! This time the pile was crazy! I try to keep nothing smaller than 3x3 (usually). I figure if I can get a punch out of it it's a keeper, which is probably part of my problem....

I keep all my scraps in an accordian file & sort them by color. Easy peasy. Nothing fancy.

I've noticed pennants or flags a lot lately. Whether it's on Pinterest or a scrappy magazine, pennants are everywhere! So I'm not entirely sure where I got this idea but the best part of it was using so much of my cardstock scraps.

I took out my white embossing powder, & a stamp & got to work. I used "Happy Birthday" since that's usually the sort of card I need. Depending on the size of the paper I'd stamp it as many times as I could fit Happy Birthday & still leave room to trim them at the ends. Then arrange them on a card & it's DONE! Super simple.

Since Joe's birthday was last weekend, I told the girls to pick a card to give to him & out of a stack of cards they both chose these cards. Since then, I've been mass producing these cards to have on hand....AND use up my scraps!! ;)


Sasha Farina said...

i need to do this.. but um... my scraps are not as colorful me thinks? mainly white! heeehee.. maybe i'll emboss them with pretty colors! thanks for the idea my love!!

Anonymous said...

Love these! So cute! I can't wait to make some of these too!