Wednesday, February 15, 2012

School Kits 4th Grade Miss M

I am now officially done with both girls' school LO's!! WOOOO-HOOOOO!!

Well that is until June, but it'll just be for THIS school year! So YES, I can say that I am officially caught up on these Becky Higgins' CK School Kit of the Month LO's. I have been struggling towards the end of these since they do follow the same collage style, & I try to limit myself to using just the elements from the kits. Which I think is my problem. If I branch out using other embellies/stuff from my stash the ideas seem to flow better.

The lesson here?
Think outside the box.

These are the LO's for Marissa's 4th grade year.
I love using tools/things that have been hanging around my desk for awhile & revisiting them. See the black "Fourth Grade" border strip? That's the label maker thingy (sorry can't remember the name of it) that you punch each letter individually, the font is on a circle wheel that you turn to position to the right know what I'm talking about. ;)

This second LO took me a LONG time to get to because of the whole loss of mojo/holidays. The above LO was done in the Fall but I like to post the school years together so this is the LO that kept me from sharing.

The kicker is that it's nothing fancy, so honestly I don't know what took me so long to get done, but I'm glad it is.

I've been scrapping a lot but nothing that's orginal....lots of scrap lifting which helps the mojo flow. Lord knows my mojo has all but dried up. Have some ideas for various projects & hopefully once I get past this block I've been having I can get my groove on. Wish me luck! ;)

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Anonymous said...

These look great! I wish I had started this when I started doing the kid's scrapbooks. It would have made things so much easier!