Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pumpkins -Bella Blvd Finally Fall Project Sheets

These LO's were probably the EASIEST LO's ever to come from my desk! Reason being is the Step-by-step Project sheets from Bella Blvd. THIS LO was created by Laura Vegas & she gives the exact dimensions of papers to use for these LO's. Easier than a sketch! This was the perfect way to get my dormant mojo moving!

I printed out 3 years worth of pumpkin picking pictures for both girls & created a LO for each of them for that year. That's right 6 LO's are all done & ready for the albums! They literally took no time to create. I basically kept everything the same as Laura's original but switched out some papers here & there. I also added my journaling in a circle along the side, taking the journaling from my blog. I don't usually handwrite my journaling on my LO's but I think it worked.

Sorry about the crappy pics. I was going to re-take these pictures but if I waited that long I might never post these!

Used paper strips for the borders on these 2 LO's.
Added some ribbon from my stash for the border on this one.

Seriously enjoyed how effortlessly these came together! I have 2 more project sheets that I've been playing with & will share those soon.


Sasha Farina said...

i love getting things done!! what a relief it must be to cross those from your list! the girls.. omg.. can see they've grown up so much!!

Anonymous said...

Those are great! Love them! What a great way to get so many layouts done!