Monday, January 11, 2010


Still sorta up in the air on my ribbon storage from this post. I got some great ideas from people but hesitate to put them into effect at the moment. See, I'm currently in limbo with my scrap area/room. Until it's in full effect, I don't want to re-do anything, only to wish I had done it differently.

So I'm waiting, for now.

Joe & I agreed to turn our guest room upstairs, into my scrap room. The downside is the furniture we have in there. It's mainly this piece that keeps it from finding a new home (there are 2 other pieces that go with it). We're trying to get rid of it, (there's nothing wrong with it) but no one that's interested in it has the room big enough for it to fit. ***SIGH*** Joe tells me not to give up & I'm not but I'm out of room where I'm currently scrapping & it's driving me crazy at times to find things.

Now don't get the wrong idea. I'm complaining but I'm not complaining.

But if you live in NJ, & are in need of a nice sturdy 3 piece bedroom set with LOTS of storage please come knock on my door!!


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

happy new year!!! yippee for a new scrap room!!! have you listed the furniture on craigslist? just a thought. loving the layouts and mini album. i've got to dig out my scrap area...yet again! love the pics for last year that you posted. i intended to do that and it just never happened. maybe this year, if i get started NOW. ha!

Carla said...

woo hoo! A scraproom for you? Yay, finally!