Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin Picking 2011

Late today we took the girls to a nearby farm to pick pumpkins. We've been going there every year since Marissa was born.

I was worried since we went so late in the day that I wouldn't get any good pics, but I managed. I think the girls found their pumpkins in less than 10 mins. Must be a new record!

They are, like most siblings I'm sure, not fond of taking pics together. In fact, Gianna gave me a tough time about it, which isn't like her, but they managed to suck it up for me & let me have my fun.

The smiles are so much different when they take individual pics.

As much as they would have loved to have brought this huge pumpkin home with us, it stayed at the farm. We have no use for it, don't even like pumpkin pie.Every year they need to see "How tall, this Fall?". I can't believe Marissa is almost 5'. She'll be taller than me in no time.

I almost forgot to get Joe & I into the pics until we saw this pumpkin.

Thankfully Marissa can take a decent pic of Joe & I, or I wouldn't have gotten this.
I can't believe how fast October has gone by. Next week is Halloween!

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Got to love traditions!