Thursday, October 13, 2011

Somethin' Witchy

Awhile back during one of my almost weekly trips to Michael's, I found a paper mache' witch hat. Inspired, I tossed it on my cart. While walking around I found a black boa & some other Halloween-ish items. I knew how this was going to turn out, I had the vision in my head & everything.

Then I came home & left the bag on my counter.
For awhile.

Eventually, I opened the bag to see what was inside & realized I needed to get a move on.
I asked Joe if he could get me some black spray paint on one of his many trips to Home Depot.
Then I got busy & forgot about it...again.

One night Joe brought home the requested spray paint, now I knew I had no excuse for not getting it done in time for Halloween!

I sprayed it, giving it 2 coats. After letting it dry completely, I went to work on it.

I kept it very, very simple.

I wrapped the boa around the center, using hot glue. Then I attached the pumpkin/leaves, which was conveniently one piece. All I had to do was adjust the stem. After gluing that down, I glued on the owl & my masterpiece was done!!
Like I said very simple!


Jingle said...

This is fabulous!

Danielle said...

Very cute-love the black and purple together.

Pamela said...

Awesome!!! :)

Erin Bassett said...

Those leaves are fab!!

Anonymous said...

So cute! Love the purple!