Monday, October 24, 2011


We've been in the process of re-painting the house. I'm not going to tell you how long ago this started **whispers** 4 years, but it's just recently begun.

Makes sense right?

Four years ago, Joe had me pick out colors for most of the rooms in the house. I think, I wasn't into it at the moment, because I kept the colors pretty close to things now. Basically, I didn't have Pinterest back then. ;) Once I picked out the colors, he went out & bought the paint.

Then things got crazy, busy for Joe at work so things got sidetracked & he never got around to any painting. So when he told me the kitchen & family room would be painted before the holidays, I only half believed him. I mean it's been 10 years since we (Joe) have painted. Ten years. For the most part it didn't bother me, but eventually, of course, it started to. Hey I'm human! Until he ordered the Little Giant Ladder.

See, we have crazy high ceilings in the kitchen/eat in area, plus our master bathroom, not to mention the stairs. In order to paint these areas it would require scaffolding & he didn't have it. Shocking with all the tools the man has, but I can't talk with all the scrappy supplies I horde. ;)

When he told me he ordered the ladder, he was like a kid on Christmas! He couldn't wait for it to get here, so he could paint. Yes you read that correctly. The man likes to paint. He says it relaxes him & that's why he won't hire painters.


When the ladder came in, he had to open it up to it's full potential to "show me how it works" (play), but sure enough that weekend he started to paint. It had to be done in sections, since it's a lot of work, cutting in, so he did the eat in area ceiling first.

Now, did you happen to pick up the fact that I picked out these paint colors FOUR YEARS AGO? Well, I have to say, my tastes have changed, in some areas more than others. The color I picked for the kitchen walls was nice. However, if I were choosing now, I'd have picked a slightly darker color. We have "Sand Dollar" (2nd from the top) but now I'd have chosen "Sands of Time" (4th from the top).

Joe painted a swatch of paint onto the wall for me, and I literally watched paint dry.
It was okay, then as it dried it was better. You could definately see the difference between the old & new colors.Of course he loved it. As much as I would love it a darker shade, I have to say the fact that we already HAD the paint, won me over more. Sorta, but I couldn't see letting it go to waste. I didn't tell him that & busted his chops about the color, but I made him swear to paint again in 5 years & not drag it out to 10 years like this time. ;)

The next day he did the walls. It does looks nicer & cleaner. I'm already looking forward to when he does the family room next. I've got plans for those walls....the problem is trying to decide. ;)

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Anonymous said...

That's good that he likes to paint! The color looks good!