Monday, October 3, 2011


Yes it's early to be thinking about Halloween...unless you're a kid. The girls begged me to take them to look for costumes & when we got the chance we did. They decided pretty quickly too, though I had to talk Gianna our of her costume of choice since I didn't think Joe would like to see his baby girl as Lady Gaga.

So it was settled on Marissa being Red Riding Hood & Gianna as a witch. I can't keep that hat away from Gianna either....she wears it every chance she gets! Doing homework, setting the table, watching TV, you name it she wears it!

Both girls are excited about their costumes, I'm excited that they can wear layers easily underneath to keep warm. That's the mother in me. Can't help it. ;)


Laura T. said...

They are going to look so cute. Nicholas is not into dressing up (never has been). I'm trying to convince him to be Where's Waldo. Very easy costume (red/white shirt and hat and a pair of glasses).

Anonymous said...

Great costumes! Love the Red Riding Hood!