Sunday, October 9, 2011

Apple Picking 2011

Today we took the girls out Apple Picking. We started doing this a few years ago & it's now a tradition.
We go to an apple orchard about 45mins. away. Once there, you can smell the apples! We hike up to the Red Delicious apple trees since those are everyones favorites. Unfortunately, while trying to get this shot there were bees buzzing near the sign & this was as close as the girls would get!
I try to explain what to look for in an apple before taking it from the tree but it doesn't always work with Gianna. She'll choose anything she can get her hands on! She didn't do too bad, but she seems to usually grab the smaller apples.Marissa understands (listens better) & comes away with a better harvest. She goes about it like a pro & goes on talking about baking pies. My future chef!

In no time, we have more than enough apples. Literally, we were done in no time at all!! It took longer to get there than to pick the apples! Oh well, we all enjoyed ourselves & that's what matters.

Before checking out, we headed to the refreshment stand for some cider & doughnuts. The doughnuts were freshly made & still hot...YUMMY!!
As we drove home, we stopped to eat at Fuddrucker's....seems to be another tradition. It was nice to get home, not worry about dinner. I'd say the day was great!

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Anonymous said...

What a great tradition! We have an apple orchard that is less than 15 minutes away and the only time we've been there is on field trips. We'll have to do this next year!