Saturday, April 2, 2011

School Kits 2nd Grade Miss M

Anyone else getting sick of seeing these school LO's? I'm sorta getting tired of making them. I am up to Marissa's 3rd grade year & then I get to start Gianna's school years. Luckily I'm not as far behind on her's. ;) The thing that doesn't make it "too" boring is that I try to make the LO's similar but different. They don't lay together in the albums & are broken up by other LO's from the years, so I know they don't even have to look similar. I just think it's easier to make them if I limit myself to product & design. I really try to stick to just the product from Becky's School Kits. Of course I toss in a few things from my stash here & there but if I didn't they would look all alike. Seems like I have so many pics from each year that I just can't get them all on one LO. In my line of thinking the more LO's I make the more of my stash I use. ;) I start the LO with all wallet sized pics. Then as I go along I trim them down to make everything fit. And where would I be without my collection of QuicKutz (now Lifestyle Crafts) ?? Years ago I bought so many of the dies & now I'm really thankful I did. They've really come in handy. The journaling is simply a folded piece of cardstock. I draw lines with my ruler & write my journaling. I dress up the outside of it & voila! This is the second LO for her 2nd grade year. On the day that I was just about done with this LO I got some "happy mail" from 2Peas. Inside was THIS stamp set & I knew how I was going to use it! I'm not even going to admit how many "banner" stamps I now way! ;) I even used one of the library pockets that came with the kit for this LO. I don't often think about them since they're larger than the space I usually have left but in this case it worked perfectly.
Now I'm up to 3rd grade & I've got the 1st LO framed out on my desk. YAY! The crazy part is I have A LOT of pics from 3rd grade. So I might just end up with 3 LO's from that year! Hoping to have those ready to share soon & I can stop being such a lame blogger!


Carla said...

I love the way you arrange you pics Sara!!! You did a great job! Its always easier to use the same sketch when you're going to do a bunch of pages!

~Patty~ said...

Way Awesome school pages. I love how you put so many photos too. :)