Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Parties

Today the girls had their Spring parties at school. Gianna's class had theirs 1st, which worked perfectly since the girls' classrooms are not close to each other, & this way I could spend extra time with both girls.

We took the kids outside where some moms had hidden eggs already. Once we let them loose the kids were on the hunt! See Gianna (in green jacket)? She was in a zone. Her eyes were on the lookout for those eggs.
This pic melts me. See how she's mid-prance? That's normal for her. This captures how she really is. Carefree. I sense a LO in the works.
After the great egg hunt, the kids played a few games.
Once back inside, the kids had their snack....& a few kids (one may or may not have been mine) snuck in some candy from their treat bags. ;) I felt bad for their teacher since they still had an hour left of school!
Then I went to the other side of the school for Marissa's party. Basically they did the same thing....I guess games were pretty limited.

The great egg hunt was on. Marissa was trying to fill her bag with the required 6 eggs as soon as possible.
Then there was the egg toss. This wasn't the easiest to do since the eggs were just empty plastic & it was a little windy out.
They played another game or two then went inside for their treats. Not too many snuck any candy....that I'll admit too anyway, but by this time school was out. It's now officially SPRING BREAK for us! Let the mornings of sleeping in begin!!

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Tracy said...

What a fun day, for you and the girls.
I miss those fun days with my girls. Why did they have to grow up ;)