Monday, September 13, 2010

Disney in Pictures

Not going to bore you with all our Disney pics (believe me there are LOTS!!), but I do want to share a few.

Not all my pics are "Disney", some are just pretty to look at. This was the view from our hotel room. You can see the castle in the distance. It was great to see the fireworks from our room without the crazy crowds in the Kingdom.Yes this one is "Disney" but there's something about it that I like.See the purple blur? That's Gianna headed for her 1st time on Space Mountain. She has been wanting to go FOREVER but wasn't tall enough until now. She just LOVED it! And went on it a few times during our stay.I'm too chicken to go on Space Mountain (just for the record I HAVE been on a few times but since I had the girls I've been too chicken to go back) so I wait in the gift shop where they come out. When they met up with me we were near the game room, that's where we saw Stitch. He picked Joe to play Guitar Hero with him. So cool!! I even videoed them playing...I'll never be able to listen to Poison's "Talk Dirty to Me" again without seeing this in my mind! ;)We had early breakfast reservations at the castle & got to go in before the crowds. So nice!! Love how empty the park is! Later in our trip, my boyfriend Capt. Jack Sparrow came to see me. ;) He did a pretty good imitation of him but I've seen an even better version on other trips.The girls begged (conned) us into getting make-overs at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique again. Marissa 1st got it done when she turned 5 (we celebrated at Disney) & Gianna had it done for her 3rd birthday at Disney. Both had the full make-over with the costume for her birthday. This time it was just the make-over. Marissa didn't even want the costume but Gianna did....she got over it though.Towards the last few days of our trip the Magic Kingdom was decorated for Fall & Halloween. I love all the decorating they do for the holidays!!

So there's a (not-so-quick) post about Disney. Yes I have tons of pics of the girls with the characters (another Disney Autograph album to make!!), but I don't want to seem repetitious in posting them after each trip. And yes, I realize that all these pics are from the Magic Kingdom. We DID go to each park & a water park but the Magic Kingdom is our all-time favorite park so we spend the most time there. If you want to see something let me know & I'll share....good deal??

It's good to be home!!


Valerie said...

My daughter has been begging us to stay in the GF - did you love it there? We usually wind up in the Boardwalk or my fave, Wilderness Lodge. We are going to see the Christmas decor for the first time ever this Dec....have you been?
Love your pics - just making me wish it was time to go back already. Thanks for sharing!!

~Patty~ said...

Glad you guys had such a wonderful time. Last time we went down was in May; we just took Ryan to the Mickey breakfast thing. We normally go to the parks becuase we get in free, but we decided we are going to wait until after tourist season. LOL. I know my husband wants to go back home for Thanksgiving so we might go then. Glad you guys had a great time AGAIN. LOL.