Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Boys Are MEAN!!

Today I was having a pretty good day.

I got some laundry done AND put away. (it's great when I do that all in the same day!)

I went for a 2 mile walk with my girlfriend. (applause welcome) ;)

It was a beautiful day. That's about where it comes to a screeching halt.

After coming back from my walk I got a phone from the school. Seeing that come up on the caller id puts me in a PANIC. Sure enough it's the principal.

Principal: Mrs. Rossi? This is (his name). Everything's ok, but I have Gianna in my office (My mind: WHAT?? ALREADY??) and while in art class a boy from her class cut off a tiny piece of her hair. It's not noticeable but Gianna can tell & she's upset. I've had a long talk with the boy & will be calling his parents. There will also be repurcussions to let him know that is not tolerated. Gianna wants to talk to you if you could make her feel a little better. (lots of smoozing, making sure I'm not going to flip out--doing his job)

Gianna: Mommy! (hiccups & sniffling...she's in tears) He cut my hair!!

Me: Sweetheart it will grow back. You know I can fix it if I need to & it will look like nothing happened. (meanwhile she's breaking my heart hearing her cry like that...I'm tearing up!)

Gianna: But it's gonna take a LONG TIME!!

Me: No it won't, when you get home how about you take an extra vitamin? You know how those make your hair grow so long. It's ok & Mommy loves you.

Gianna: Ok, I love you too.

Principal gets back on the phone....more smoozing....

Me: I know this boy from Kindergarten & remember how he always wanted a playdate with Gianna. I think he might have a crush on her & it might be part of why he did what he did.

Principal: That's interesting, good to know. I thank you for your understanding & will be contacting his parents. Call ends.....

Seriously?? The kids haven't been in school a full week & already this is happening?? This little boy was always after Gianna for a playdate. I was standing off to the side one day when I heard him say to Gianna;

"Ask your Mom if you can have a sleepover at my house.".

Ummmm, WHAT?!?! The answer would be NO. For several reasons.....the main one being YOU'RE A BOY!!

But nothing more than that...and no I never responded to that sleeopover request. Towards the end of Kindergarten, Gianna was saying what a pain the boy was & that's it.

So of course I call Joe & explain things to him. Now the boy's really on his "list". He's worried that Gianna might be afraid to go back to school, etc, which worries me more.

I made sure to get to the school early at pick up time. The boy's Mom came up to me & apologized.

When Gianna came out, she was all smiles & happy. I asked her what happened & she told me the boy had his hand on her paper & she moved it. That's when he cut her hair. Then I find out Marissa & her BFF Ariel heard about it at recess & went to see her to make sure she's ok. AWWWWWW!!! I love those two!! It made me so proud & got me all teary eyed again.

I know these things happen & no serious harm was done. He didn't hurt her, or that would have been something else. You really can't tell where he cut her hair....unless Gianna shows you!

But there's no way he's ever dating her!!!


Valerie said...

Way to go on the walk. I have got to get my act together before the holidays hit!!
How terrible for your girl! I'd be so mad if that happened but it sounds like you have a good understanding of the situation and kept your cool. That sobbing on the phone would have broke me. Hope all goes well on Monday and she forgets all about it.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about Gianna. Boys can be mean. Hopefully she's not as upset about it now. I pray this never happens to Shara-Lyn, I'd be so upset since she's never had her hair cut.