Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Disney in Bloom

The flowers around Disney are just so pretty, I have a hard time passing one up without taking a few pics.
This wasn't a flower exactly but it was interesting to me....and um...PURPLE!! Love it!

This wasn't the best pic but I LOVE this tree! And no I have no idea what it's called...wish I did.

Gotta stop & smell the roses....

Another favorite of mine....very tropical....reminds me of Hawaii....I think it's Plumeria but don't quote me.

This was in the hotel lobby by the elevators. The lobby smells wonderful from all the flowers around.

I found these around the parks a lot but due to the crazy heat a lot seemed scorched. Still pretty.

Hope to turn this into a LO maybe.....just need to remember to do it! ;)


Valerie said...

So pretty! I can't wait to get back there...we're all booked for a week in December :)

~Patty~ said...

Your making want to go back home. LOL.