Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back To School 2010

It's back to school time!! The girls are starting 4th & 1st grade this year. And the best part for me? They are both in school for the ENTIRE day!! No more Kindergarten 1/2 days! WOO-HOO!! That was a crazy year last year & I'm so over it!

Marissa's starting 4th grade this year. After this she'll have 1 more year in this school & then she'll be going to middle school. Why I'm thinking that far ahead is beyond me. Maybe she just looks older to me in these pics. Gianna is excited to start 1st grade. I'm not sure if it has something to do with having gym, or eating lunch at school or having the same teacher as Marissa did for 1st grade. But I'm glad she's happy.I usually get pics of each girl in front of the school but we were running a little later than usual so I took a group shot, since we met up with Marissa's BFF Ariel.
The girls had a great 1st day. With one exception. Marissa called home before recess saying her flip flop broke & needed a new pair of shoes. This wouldn't be a problem but I was at work 20 mins away so I rushed home to grab some shoes & dropped them off to her. I felt so bad for her thinking she might be embarressed about it especially on the 1st day but she was ok with it. I'm annoyed with the shoes since they weren't old. I had just bought them before we went to Disney & that's what she wore on the trip.

So after dropping off her shoes I went back to work but 1st I stopped to grab some lunch. As I was pulling out of the parking lot some dude cut me off so when I braked my purse fell. Thinking no more than that I went on & later stopped to get gas. While I was there I went to pull out my phone to charge but couldn't find it. I took everything out but no phone. I started flipping out! I wasn't sure if I left it home or at the place I got lunch but I was too close to work at this point to turn around. When I got to work I called my cell to see if I missed it in the car just in case & sure enough it was my BACKSEAT!! Seriously?? I have no idea how it got there but I'm so glad I didn't lose my iphone...I love that thing!!

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Valerie said...

Both of mine are full time now too (we have full day kindergarten here). I was sad at first but now I am totally LOVING it.
Enjoy your time Sara - your girls are adorable - loving the back to school outfits!