Sunday, April 26, 2009

Marissa's 1st Communion {{Photo Heavy}}

Today Marissa received her 1st Holy Communion. We had a beautiful day, the weather was perfect & Marissa enjoyed all the attention! She looked like a little bride in her dress! She looked so beautiful! The other day they had rehearsal & I had the hardest time holding back tears! I was sure I'd be wreck at church so I made sure to bring tissues. Marissa was so excited & not nervous at all--or emotional!! LOL!

We had an early morning to make sure we were all ready & had plenty of time to do her hair. I wanted to make sure we had extra time to take pics around the house & outside.
I was thrilled that the cherry blossom tree was in bloom. It was perfect for pics! It's not often I get pics in front of this tree, usually it rains when it's in bloom & washes the blossoms away.

This might be my thank you pic.....or this one....maybe this one....or maybe even this one.... I have a hard time making descisions don't I??I plan on printing an 8x10 of this one for our wall...would be perfect if Gianna had both legs down but I'll take what I can get!Here's Marissa with her Godparents, my sister Marie & our friend Bobby....and that's my nephew Tyler hanging off his mom....All the cousins plus or minus a couple.....We couldn't take pics at church during the ceremony so I made sure to take as many as I could afterwards.

I am pleased to announce that I did good & didn't cry like a baby as anticipated. I did tear up in the beginning when all the kids where lined up in front but I managed to hold back the waterworks!

When we were all done there, we had a lunch for everyone at an Italian restuarant. I gave Marissa the option of getting changed but I think she liked "dressing up" & stayed in her dress the whole time. Didn't take too many pics at lunch (you're not complaining are you?) & since this post is so pic heavy already I'm only going to share 2 more.


Carla said...

you got some great pics of your girl! I love them all. Actually the one I like best for the thank you is the one where's she's looking off to the side outside the church. But they are all supercute. You did her hair? I couldn't do that! LOL!

laura vegas said...

she looks absolutely beautiful! and lots of gorgeous photos you got of her ... i'd have a hard time deciding too!