Monday, April 27, 2009

365: Week of April 13

Since our trips to Disney included SO many pics, I figured for a few days I'd include a couple of different pics. There were just too many to decided from!

Mon. April 13 #103
When you're at Disney you're always tempted to bring back memories of your trip and the best way to do that is to go SHOPPING!!! The best place to shop is "Downtown Disney Marketplace". It is the shopping mecca! It's all open & almost park like, with all differnt sorts of stores. The biggest store there is "The World of Disney", you can get lost in there! We take it room by room & stick close together--it's THAT big!

But there's also fun to be at Goofy's Candy Shop! There you can cutom order goodies, like chocolate covered pretzels, or caramel apples, or rice krispie treats all topped with any comination---it's sugar OVERLOAD!! While we were there ordering our goodies I spotted this GINORMOUS Mickey rice krispie treat & just for the low price of $50.00!! I just laughed--can't imagine anyone buying that when they could make it at home MUCH cheaper! I actually have molds like this (shocking right??) at home so I can easily make it for the family....if they're nice! LOL!!

Another store caught my eye & I wandered in to find the ceiling all covered with yummy colored chandeliers. Right away I said this is my 365...but you know me & my inability to make decisions. LOL!!
Tues. April 14 #104

At EPCOT, we went to Innoventions, there is always new "futuristic" inventions to look at & sometimes play with. While walking around we saw families playing together at "Don't Waste It". You push this mini garbage truck to various docking areas & play interactive recycyling "jobs". It keeps track of your scores & then at the end tells how "green" you are by how well you did. It was pretty fun & not stinky at all! Over on the other side of EPCOT in the countries, we had lunch at "Le Cellier" in Canada. The food is really good (they feature steak) & the girls made me order the "Chocolate Mousse" for dessert. Although they didn't let me eat any of it! LOL! Isn't it cute??Wed. April 15 #105

We spent the day at Hollywood Studios. If you've every been there you know about the "Streetmosphere". They have actors walking around playing out different parts. Very fun. In past trips we've seen "The Bandscapers", they're a group of landscapers who come out & play covers of bands. They go by the names of "Mulch, Sweat & Shears". It's loud. It's fun. And it's hysterical!!

My second pic of the day is a nightime shot of "Downtown Disney--West Side". There are more shops & restaurants but also some fun more grown up-ish things to do. The hot air balloon ride was new but we were headed to see the "Cirque de Soleil" show "La Nouba" so we didn't do it.

Thurs. April 16 #106

This time of year EPCOT hosts the "Flower & Garden" show for a few months. If you think it's pretty other times of the year it's SPECTACULAR now. I'll be posting pics of all the flowers we took in a different post.....

Another fun thing to do in Disney is to look for "Hidden Mickey's. Some are hard to find (yes there's a guidebook if you're interested, no we don't own one.) & others are pretty easy to spot. This was taken in EPCOT in "Morroco".
Fri. April 17 #107

A "must do" at the Magic Kingdom is "Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin". It's a ride, it's a game. At the end the evil "Emperor Zurg" is in jail & sometimes it's just the right place for your kids. LOL!!

Sat. April 18 #108

What 365 post during a trip to Disney would be complete without the big cheese himself? Here he is the one & only Chef Mickey! Making delicious breakfasts at none other than Chef Mickey's!

Sun. April 19 #109

Our last day. We had just had breakfast & were headed back to our room to finish packing & get ready to leave. It's one of my favorite pics!


Carla said...

cute pics!! Love the mickey dessert and OMG, I need one of those chandeliers for my scraproom...any idea on how to get one?
I posted my pics last night too!

Kerry McKibbins said...

Looks like you guys had a terrific time!! So glad! Love the pics.

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

a week full of disney pics...awesome!!