Sunday, April 5, 2009

365: Week of March 30

Gotta make this real quick! I need to finish packing before we leave for Disney on Thursday & I'm behind---what else is new??

Mon. March 30 #89
Our Daylillies are finally sprouting. The plants are huge by summer & my favorite part of the yard.

Tues. March 31 #90
Miss Marissa lost another tooth today. It's been wiggly for awhile now & tonight she kept twisting it around grossing me out! I remember doing that as a kid & grossing out my mom but now I don't find it funny at all!! LOL!

Wed. April 1 #91
Marissa's 2nd grade class are growing cucumbers but since we're headed into Spring Break they sent the seedlings home. She's excited about it, especially since it's already sprouted! Let's just hope it stays alive! {We made arrangements for Marissa's BFF to babysit her plant while we're away. No need to alert the authorities on Cucumber abuse!}
Thurs. April 2 #92
Round 2 of my closet re-organization that needs to be done. These are my summer tops. There is seriously no more room at all on that rod to fit anything else. **SIGH**

Fri. April 3 #93
When I was re-organizing the closet the 1st time around, I made sure to get rid of the un-loved-clothes. Just to verify, some of these clothes have been sitting in a pile in the closet for awhile but since I had added to it this time I really had to get rid of it. No more putting it off!!

Sat. April 4 #94
Today my sisters & I went to our cousin's fiance's bridal shower. Long story short, we all met at my house & my B-I-L & the kids ended up hanging out at our house with Joe & our girls. When we got back, the girls were begging for a sleepover & we caved & let Nikki stay over. My girls were dying to use their sleeping bags, so they slept on the floor while Nikki had the bed to herself! They were loud & noisy until sometime around 11pm!! Crazy, but so cute!

Sun. April 5 #95
Marissa loves to make breadsticks for dinner & I love having her help out in the kitchen! She gets such a charge doing this & likes to eat them even more!! (this is a filler pic from a few days back--Gianna got sick & I never took pics today---shhhhh!!)

My next 365 post will be delayed due to our trip to Disney, but don't worry I will be taking plenty of pics--despite my favorite camera back in the shop---another long story...***SIGH***


Carla said...

Love the pics of the girls sleepover. Your camera is in the shop again! You know that 3 times within the last week, I either forgot to put a battery or photocard in my camera and missed a bunch of stuff!
Have fun at Disneyworld!!

laura vegas said...

i love that someone else organizes their closet by color. lol! i don't even have room in my closet for all mine ... i have to pack away the seasonal clothes. such a pain to switch them out.

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

sorry about your camera! that stinks! great pics, though. that's the last tooth my g lost, too.