Thursday, April 23, 2009

365: Week of April 6

I'm playing catch-up & finally posting my 365 pics! It's only taken me how long now?? LOL! Hope I haven't lost anyone who reads my blog! I'm trying to get back on schedule..I haven't been feeling like blogging lately...or if Joe were typing this post CLEANING!!! LOL!

Mon. April 6 #96
Awhile ago I bought this nail kit for Gianna. Since then everytime I turn around she has been "getting ready for Disney" constantly! She's such a little girly girl!

Tues. April 7 #97
The craziness that surrounds life around here before a trip. I lay out everything I want to take, then trim things down to reasonable amounts.

Wed. April 8 #98
The craziness has been contained!! Everything's all packed! All ready for our 4:30 AM pick up time!!

Thurs. April 9 #99
All ready to go! Buckled up on the plane, ready for take-off. Disney here we come!!! We are so ready!

Fri. April 10 #100
The best way to start the day is breakfast at Chef Mickey's! Minnie makes the morning GREAT!!

Sat. April 11 #101
Our favorite park hands down is the Magic Kingdom. It helps that our hotel is on the monorail & just one stop away from the happiest place on earth!
Sun April 12 #102
Easter Sunday was spent in the Magic Kingdom. There we met with Mr & Mrs Easter Bunny & just enjoyed the day!

Just for the record, I'm going to try for unusual 365 pics for the next week & not have all "Disney" pics. That'd be just too easy right??

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Carla said...

what a perfect opportunity for the 365 pics. It must be hard to choose one for each day! Great pics, looks like you guys had a wonderful time!