Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Challenge take 2

When I really like something I keep at it until I get sick of it. Sort of like a favorite song. So I had to do another version of Laura's LO!

I did the Butterfly version of Laura's LO, totally un intended. I had set out to lift her LO but then it went a different way. Since I still wanted to do the whole "today" theme & I still had my supplies out I did it again, this time I made it 8x8 instead of 12x12. Only thing I'm not liking is how sloppy my paint went on. I had stuck everything down & THEN realized I never painted the edges of the blocks. DUH! So I had to peel everything off & paint around the string.

This was my day 3/31/09.

In case you're wondering.....

Yes there is something else with this same color scheme, but you'll just have to come back! LOL!


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

totally need to lift that!! enjoy your spring break!!!

{you and me both on the treadmill-have you whipped out the wiifit yet? my kid's LOOOOVE it, even baby a!maybe we should try to motivate our unmotivated selves.}

laura vegas said...

i love that you used this again ... for the "me" page! and i think the paint looks cool. i peel things up all the time ... just gives it a worn, handmade feel!