Friday, April 27, 2012


Marissa got her braces yesterday.  After finding the floating tooth & visits to the orthodontist & oral surgeon, the wait is finally over.

Of course, like any kid, she's not happy about them & calls them "stupid".  But she got purple elastic bands & that makes it a teeny bit better....So did the caramel apple we got her at Disney as a last hurrah! ;)
Today she had oral surgery to expose the floating tooth so they can align it slowly over time with the braces.  She did wonderfully during the surgery, although I did not.  I tried being brave & go in with her in the beginning but as the Dr. told us what he would be doing, I lost it a little.  I can't handle needles to begin with but seeing them do all this to my baby girl was too much for me.  Luckily Joe got there in time & kept me distracted.  Plus the office nurse was terrific!  She kept us updated & told us what to expect afterwords.

Marissa did wonderfully during the surgery, according to the doctor.  She says she kept her eyes closed so she wouldn't see any blood, & she says it felt like it took forever.  Unfortunately, after the surgery while the nurses were telling us what to do etc., the pain kicked in & she had to have more Novocaine.  Luckily the doctor gave us a prescription for the pain. 

The first part of the afternoon was tough for her.  She was hungry & could only eat soft mushy foods.  Chewing was tough for her.  I feel so bad for her since she barely had time to adjust to the braces & now she has to adjust to a couple of stitches on the inside of her chin.  I keep telling her that this is the worst of it & it will only get better from here!

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Anonymous said...

Just keep reassuring her of the fact that it will get better and she'll have such beautiful teeth when all is said and done. It is hard seeing them go through all that at once though.