Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter in Disney

We spent Easter at the Happiest Place On Earth this year.  While I won't be blogging every pic or detail of our trip, I just wanted to share our Easter.

Disney thinks of everything, and so does the Easter Bunny!  He made a special trip to bring the girls their baskets.  When they woke up they were quick to spot them despite bring so sleepy.  They have serious bedhead but were happy with their goodies!

 After a quick breakfast, we went outside where the hotel was doing a "Candy Scramble" (their equiliant to an Egg Hunt).  The lawns were split into section by age, taped off & covered in candy.  Every kid got a bag & when the buzzer went off the kids were free to fill their bags (& pockets) till they couldn't hold anymore.  Joe & Gianna were waiting with her age group. While I was with Marissa.

Can you see all the candy on the ground?? 

 When the girls' bags were jam packed with goodies, we dropped them off in our room & headed to the Magic Kingdom.

We took the girls for driving lessons....Gianna wasn't too bad at it either.

We did a few more rides then watched the show at the castle.
 In the afternoon, we watched the Easter parade that marched before the regular parade.  Kicking off the parade was Mr. & Mrs. Easter Bunny of course!  The girls took pics with them the day before, which must've helped with the delivery of their baskets. ;)

The Azalea Trail Maids were back again in the parade, looking lovely in their beautiful gowns.  You can read more about them HERE.  There was an ocean of girls in colors ranging from yellow, aqua, baby blue, lavender & peach.  There is only one that wears pink.

Following the maids are an assortment of Bunnies.....

Then starts the normal parade which wouldn't be complete without Mickey & Minnie!

We left the park shortly after the parade to relax back at the hotel. Basically, we were tired.  I got sick the week before we left & Joe wasn't feeling great either, so we (the adults) took naps while the girls watched TV.  They didn't complain, they had CANDY!! ;)

We had dinner at the Yachtman's Steakhouse that night.  While we were waiting to be seated we took pics. Looking back, I should've asked someone to take a family pic, oh well.

I didn't take pics of dinner but the girls' desserts required pics (they asked).  They each got a hollow egg to decorate with edible "paint".  They had fun with it, of course!

Going back to our hotel we made sure to stop in the lobby to take pics of all the handmade chocolate eggs that were on display.  There were so many beautifully done eggs but I'm only going to share a few, since this post is so pic heavy.  If you have Instagram, you can look me up (sarar7499) & see all the pics I took while on vacation.  In case you need to see MORE!! ;)

As much as I enjoy all the cooking & Easter activities at home, celebrating it at Disney was relaxing!


Laura T. said...

Great pictures. Those eggs are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the perfect place to spend Easter! Love all the eggs! They are gorgeous!