Tuesday, May 18, 2010

She's NINE!!

Just nine years ago today Marissa arrived into the world a whole 3 weeks early. She was 6lbs 1oz....just a little peanut really. At one point she was a chunky little monkey with legs that made her look like the Michelin Tire Man's baby. Now she's a skinny tall beautiful TWEEN!!

I will be freaking out next year when she turns 10 for sure. Huddled in my bed, in denial that I have been a mom for 10 years...but I'm not there yet. I'll save that rant for next year.

Yesterday I took the girls to the mall so she could pick out some clothes (since according to her she has nothing to wear). Her favorite store right now is Justice. I'd still be happy to have her shop at Children's Place but we compromised with Old Navy. She's into anything with peace signs so this shirt was the one she picked to wear to school this morning.Not the best pics but it's been a rainy, cold, cruddy day unlike the beautiful day we had yesterday! ***SIGH***




Anonymous said...

It's hard to see your kids get older. Noah's going to be 10 this year and I am so not looking forward to it. I wish they could stay little forever!

Kerry McKibbins said...

Happy Birthday! She is just lovely!