Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day Tea & the Sock Hop (related right?)

Today Gianna's Girl Scout Daisy troop held a "Mother's Day Tea" party for us. We were escorted inside by our girls (dressed in handmade aprons) & sat at our tables. They had placemats, a menu & decorated mugs waiting for us.

This was my waitress. She asked me what I'd like to drink & delivered my (iced) tea without spilling a drop! Then she asked what I'd like to eat & proceeded to bring me a chocolate covered strawberry along with a cookie.
It was so cute! She had a lot of fun serving me (I liked it too--nice change of pace!! LOL!!) At the end we got to keep the daisies that were decorating the tables. Gianna really loved the "special" time with me & I don't have to tell you how much I LOVED it!!! ;)
About an hour later all the troops in town had a "Sock Hop". A lot of girls went dressed in theme with poodle skirts. I went with more of a "bobby sock" sort of outfit. (she's the one with the pink scarf around her neck) Marissa was going until she found out most of her troop wasn't she didn't bother getting changed since we were just dropping Gianna off. Then once we got there she changed her mind & wanted to stay (despite not being in "costume"), so I got to stay & chaperone. This gave me a chance to take pics!! Loved it!! :)

There was a DJ playing music the kids all liked (I liked it all too!). She got them to get up & dance. The girls all had fun dancing together, showing off their moves. ;) The DJ really got the girls moving & tired them out! It was a fun & eventful day!!

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Carla said...

that is such a great idea!!! Cute pics too!