Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Easter continued....

I have been an awful blogger lately. Not by choice but I just haven't been in the mood (to do much). Trying to be better.

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day. Mine was good, Joe & the girls made me pancakes for breakfast. Then we went to this 4 story mall in upstate NY, had dinner, did some shopping & went to see Iron Man 2. Um....Robert Downey Jr. is just HOT in that movie!!

Now onto some scrappiness!!

What can I say? I'm crazy! After the last LO, I started cleaning up & came across a few MORE copies of the same Easter pics. Since my supplies were still out I decided to go for it.

Yeah, there might be a screw loose somewhere....

Used the MM Flutter line again. I got real annoyed with myself on this one. I sorta had a design in mind & sketched it out--looked good, so I took my 1 & only piece of the scalloped circle paper & cut. Only to find the design wasn't working IRL. URGH!!! So I made another cut (EEE!!!) & STILL didn't like it! At this point I walked away.
Later, much later, I shuffled things around until I was happier with things but still wasn't loving it. I would do a little something to the LO then push it aside & work on something else--it wasn't working for me so I was un-motivated to finish it. KWIM??
Finally the other night I got the idea to pull out my Slice in the hopes that I could fix & finish this. I was over it already & wanted it off my desk! I think that's just what I needed to finish it up!

I like that I'm done with the LO but I'm not "in love" with the LO. Maybe because it took me so long to do & all the bumps along the way...but like I always say....It's DONE!!!

I tried curling the flowers like Suzanne.....& I pop dotted the larger butterflies.

Now my desk is cleaned up .....and there weren't anymore Easter pics to be seen!

Till next do the Easter pics from THIS year that still aren't done!! LOL!!!

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Carla said...

love the spray of flowers at the bottom, so cute!!!