Friday, May 21, 2010

Field Trip/Daisies--Crazy Day!!!

Today was Gianna's Kindergarten class trip. They were going to visit a farm & see the animals. I got lucky & got picked as one of the chaperones. I was thrilled to be able to go with Gianna on her 1st trip!!

I was in charge of 4 kids (2 girls, 2 boys) & our group was in a larger group so it was a lot of kids & a handful of adults walking around with a tour guide. I made sure to take pics of the kids on their FIRST bus ride. Gianna made a new friend with the little girl in our group (both AM & PM kids were mixed in the groups).

Once we got to the farm we got the kids together for group pics. This is the PM class....We got adventurous & went for a group pic with both AM & PM together (38 kids!!) with their teacher.
We saw a lot of ducks, goats, pigs, ponies & bunnies--the usual farm animals. Gianna loved petting the animals! She's been aching for a pet in the worst way but it's not happening in this house.

The kids got quite a show by this extremely scared, vocal pig. It was so scared it pooped all over the tour guide! The kids laughed, the tour guide blew it off with "I'm used to it-happens all the time" & the parents were gagging--bleh!

Oh & did I mention it was frickin HOT?? Yep all our senses were used today!!!

BTW--I brought plenty of baby wipes & hand sanitizer with me--just sayin!!

This was Jellybean--(the goat not the guy).
We finally stopped for lunch (after washing our hands) & towards the end Gianna lost her tooth while biting into her lunch!! Everyone made a big deal about it & she loved every minute of it! This will be a trip she will never forget!

After we got back from the field trip we went home & showered up--did I mention how hot it was? The rest of my day was this....

Home 1:30-3:00

Pick up Marissa from school 3:00

Drop off Gianna at school for Daisies 3:00

Back to school for Gianna's Daisies ceremony 4:15-4:30

Her Daisy troop had this ceremony showing some things they learned this year & all the kids received a special pin.

Later on my friend Samantha had a Lia Sophia party so I went out again around 7pm. I have a TON of stuff to do for Marissa's birthday party tomorrow but hey I need a little downtime too right? It's been a CrAZy day & the weekend looks just as crazy!

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