Sunday, May 23, 2010

Party Party Party!!!

Marissa had her birthday party Saturday....correction parties. She had one with all her friends from school at the bowling place again (the girl likes to bowl). There were a lot of kids there!! Just imagine 21 kids bowling & goofing around for 2 hours--very LOUD & chaotic but in a good fun way.

Here's the birthday girl.....
I didn't think of getting a big group shot of all the kids until the end as they were leaving so I have to settle with this as my group shot.

Everyone had a good time & I have to say I really like the group of girls in Marissa's grade. I really hope some of them are friends with Marissa forever.

After the party we went home to get ready for the next round. I decided to have family over too the same day to just get it over with on my part (yes I know how that sounds but KWIM??)
Marissa didn't mind just means MORE PRESENTS!!!!

Marissa had originally wanted just a sleepover with a bunch of girls but I'm not ready for that so we compromised with the bowling party & a small sleepover. She had my niece Nikki & her BFF from school Ariel sleep over. **SIGH**

All is well in the world.

So the kids spent all afternoon long dancing to Just Dance on the Wii & were happy & giggly. Later on the adults (me & my sisters) joined in & danced too. So much fun!! Sorry no pics!! ;)

Now I have to admit I did NOT bake this cake.
GASP!!! Shocking I KNOW!!!

I ALWAYS bake the girls birthday cakes. And I sorta did but I hated how it looked so I sent Joe out to the bakery to pick something up. No I'm not expecting perfection every time I bake something but it looked awful.

I got these cool
Cake Tattoos from Michael's made by Duff from Ace of Cakes & it looked easy enough so I tried it. Well somehow it came out looking like I made it with an Easy Bake Oven.
No lie. Look.Marissa even called it that!! But you know what? Despite it looking awful THAT'S the one she choose to eat. I Love that girl.

After the party broke up I was left with the 4 girls (so happy they included Gianna with them!!)By this time it was pretty late & the kids toned it down somewhat. They stayed up until somewhere around 1am-ish & were up around 9am today ready to go for more Wii dancing.
I wish I had their energy!!
So there was our crazy weekend in a nutshell. Now I need a nap!!

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