Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We're Back!!!

We've been back all week but I'm sure you can imagine what I've been busy with...LAUNDRY!!

We had a great time. Beautiful weather (the best we've ever had on a trip). I came home with under 1000 pics this time--shocking I know!! It was a very relaxing trip, despite being so tired at night!

I had great intentions of blogging each day while we were in Disney but most days I was too tired to blog--shocking I know!!

Then once we were home I thought I could go back & blog about the trip, but it seemed like a chore, one that I've done already after each trip so I put it off. Not too much has changed since our last trip. Then I thought I could just post some pics, but I did that on Facebook & didn't feel like doing it again here.

Then tonight I had an epiphany....I HAVE blogged about Disney! I tweeted about it! Not everyday & some days more than others but I'm content with that. I can take the stress out of repeating myself & just put it to bed.

But here's a pic anyway since the post looks too bare without one..... ;)


Valerie said...

Welcome back Sara - looks like you had a lovely time. I know exactly what you mean - we go to WDW often, too, and I feel sometimes like I'm taking the same photos and writing the same words over & over again. I'm usually good for about 600 pics on each trip. I have 2 backed up to scrap before our next trip in the fall. You could always print out your tweets and use that as your journaling. Do you have a Disney scrapbooking 'system'?

Suzanne said...

Woohooo! Welcome back!!! I love the family snapshot!!!!
p.s. Laundry is my least favorite chore!!! LOL

Valerie said...

Thanks for the link, Sara.I love how you did those Disney books and I'm going to start on mine this week!!

Carla said...

welsome back, we missed you :)