Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter through the Years

This post is pretty self-explanatory....

Except this. This was Marissa's 1st Easter. At the time I was busy & didn't get very many pics (which I regret heavily). My Father-In-Law thought it was hysterical to give his granddaughter an empty bottle of beer to suck on. Yeah I was NOT happy. Don't ask me why I took the pic like this either--don't remember.

Marissa & my neice Nicolette...their 2nd Easter. 2003

Marissa & Nikki's Third Easter & Tyler's 1st. I was pregnant with Gianna this year.


Gianna's 1st Easter, Marissa's 4th.

The girls dressed all "matchy-matchy". Gianna was heavily addicted to her Nuk.
Marissa's 5th Easter & Gianna's 2nd.

Marissa's 6th Easter & Gianna's 3rd.


Marissa's 7th Easter, Gianna's 4th.

This was our 1st year away for a Holiday. It was nice not having to cook & go crazy but I did miss all the fun Easter stuff we do with all the kids.
Marissa's 8th Easter, Gianna's 5th.
Wishing everyone a


Suzanne said...

Beautiful girls!!! I know you miss the Easter preparations, but it is okay. (Trust me I am exhausted!) You are with your family, that is all that matters(: Love your Family Disney photo!!

Carla said...

love seeing your girls growing up through the years! Such cuties!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

i love seeing them grow up 'before' my eyes :) beautiful girls.. beautiful family, Sara.

Valerie said...

Sara - I hope you had a great trip - your Easter photos are adorable. Love the beer photo!

laura vegas said...

that first one is so cute! fun to see them all put together like that ... and to see them grow!