Thursday, April 22, 2010

3rd Grade Music Show

Tonight we went to see Marissa in her 3rd grade music show. She's been looking forward to it for awhile. I've heard bits of the songs & heard rumors about some dancing....

Turns out each kid had to pull up someone from the audience at various times to interact in the show. Luckily she told me in advance that she'd be bringing me up each time so I was prepared. The 1st time up we played the xylophones together. She did really Not so much....I kept missing my parts! heeee-heeee!!

Later on during another part of the show she pulled me up to dance. It was sort of a country line of a dance & Joe videoed it, but I can't seem to upload it (thankfully!!)

She was so happy performing. It amazes me that IRL she's shy around people but get her onstage & she's fine. Go figure. I'm proud of her no matter what. I had fun getting up there with her!

Of course Joe was proud of her too. She's his big girl & "mini-me". These 2 have been BFF's since Kindergarten. Ariel is such a good friend to Marissa--love her!

Miss Gianna was all about Joe tonight. She loved having him all to herself while Marissa was with her friends. She entertained herself by jumping off the risers into Joe's arms.
Then of course the olders girls were brave. They jumped into adventure, hand in hand.

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