Thursday, April 22, 2010

Have you seen my mojo??

It's been nowhere to be found. I did try kick starting it by making some cards but haven't had time to take pics of them yet.

Been in such a "blah" mood lately too. Somedays I wonder why I bother with some things....and yeah there are days when I question scrapping. But I'm not giving up....just the other night I had a few minutes to play with photoshop...trying to figure out collages, and while I'm not thrilled with how it turned out I figure I can still turn those pics into a LO. I made some notes & planned something out....just haven't had time yet.

Another thing on my mind is spring cleaning. I have some areas that need attention but can't be done on a school day so they get postponed & it drives me crazy not to get it started....since one project turns into another which leads into another...

With that I'm going to grab some time before dinner & see what gets done! Wish me luck!!


Carla said...

I get like that a LOT. I just start organizing my stuff or just plain take a break from it.

Valerie said...

Take a break Sara- that mojo will come back. I have those days where I question what this is all for then I see my kids looking at their books and reading my words. Then I remember. Sounds like you need a break!