Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Art Show 2010

Tonight was the Art show at the girls' school. All the families get to walk around the school & see all the pretty art projects the kids have done during the year. They try to display the kids artwork in the same area as their classrooms to make it easier to find.

Then you walk around & "oooooh & aaaaaahhh".

First up we went by Marissa's classroom. She proudly pointed out her work. Mariss'a seahorse was very happy & bright....

Her bird/owl....she calls him "Hedwig"..... (between her & I we now have a "thing" for owls!)
Some of the kids have their artwork in the all purpose room & can take it home with them. The Kindergarteners make "frisbees" every year. Gianna showed us the bottom of hers...she was too quick with the other side.....
Marissa's class was working on drums (made out of an empty canister) but they didn't finish in time. Will have to take pics when she brings it home. Since the younger kids create less time consuming artwork they had more displayed.
Gianna & her fish... Gianna's extremely-extra-legged spider....

G's owl was awesome!! I was surprised how well she drew it!
Her caterpillar....for a kid that does NOT like bugs she draws them a lot! ;)
During the show if you had time, the kids had the chance to sit with supplies & make a craft. The teacher had an example of a peace sign for the kids to go with. Marissa is all about the peace sign this year.....she was really into it! She took her time & color coordinated it with the feathers.

The girls love showing off their work. It's a fun night where we can enjoy being with them in their element. So proud of how artistic they are! Must take after someone I know! ;)

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Carla said...

love seeing all that art on the walls, so adorable :)