Friday, April 23, 2010

Organization: School Papers

In my attempt to do some Spring Cleaning I tackled this pile of papers the girls bring home from school on a daily basis. I don't keep every piece of school work they bring home but I do keep a good amount...sadly this pile goes back to January!! I'm a little behind in filing their papers!!

Sometimes the girls need a paper from the pile & I have to dig through it all before finding the one piece they need. Frusterating to say the least. Nevermind trying not to topple over the huge mess! So I came up with this solution...

I took these baskets & made a quick tag to distinguish whose basket is whose (M-Marissa, G-Gianna & A-Assorted).
I went through the pile & sorted everything turning the papers face down to keep the current stuff on top. When I was done the piles were more manageble & ready to file away! Not that I filed them away yet but I'm getting there! ;)

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Valerie said...

I feel so guilty throwing out the school work and art work - but the piles are out of control and scattered in several places all over the house. I'll have to give your system a try Sara.