Friday, February 12, 2010

Hubby's Birthday

Today is Joe's Birthday!!

He is the type of guy that doesn't want any fuss made for his birthday, but secretly loves it. Who doesn't??

He is the nicest guy anyone would ever meet! He constantly goes above & beyond for me & the girls (as well as others). Whether we ask or not! But he's not the type of guy that likes the spotlight. Getting him to take pics can be frusterating at times but the girls are the same way at times LOL!!!
He works too hard if you ask me...but then will make sure he plays hard too & enjoys his vacations.
He is understanding & smart. He doesn't expect a home cooked dinner every night. He gets it when I say I'm tired. He's loving & adores his 3 girls (me included!) He's the perfect guy for me!! I can't explain how much I love this guy! He completes me!!

Love you!!

We're having family over tomorrow for cake & coffee....I'm going to make him his favorites...and even possibly attempt these only just the cupcakes...& not themed for Father's Day.


Suzanne said...

How sweet!!! You are one lucky person!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!! Hugs!

laura vegas said...

you have such a great joe (and i love that your joe sounds so much like my joe). hope he had a great birthday!!!