Monday, February 1, 2010

Back-to-School Shopping

I had been saving some of the cool tags from various clothes for awhile, but never did anything with them. Then Laura did this awesome LO with all the tags she saved from her clothes & I knew I'd be saving more tags from then on.

Back at the end of the summer, before our trip to Disney I took the girls shopping for school clothes. It's now come to the point where the girls (namely Marissa) have an opinion in what they wear....especially to school! And SCORE their clothes had all these fun, texture-filled, cute tags!!

I had tucked away & left them in a basket on my desk just waiting to be played with. Recently I've been cleaning up some of my desk/area & came across them again, so I printed some pics to go with them & got to work.

Marissa's LO had the most tags to play with. I used paper from Jillibean Soup so it would add something to the LO without making it busy since there were all the tags on it. And a MM Journal sheet.

Gianna's LO has less tags on it since she gets all of Marissa's "hand-me-downs" & doesn't need as many clothes. Thankfully she thinks it's cool that she wears what Marissa wore when she was little....I dread the day when that changes!!

I used the MM "Sabrina" (pink paper, ribbon & Journal sheet) line on this since it matched Gianna's dress so perfectly but that cute polka dot paper is Jillibean Soup.

I'm really not liking my handwriting on this one, might be re-doing that!!

I love coming across something, whether it's a pic or some memorabilia that inspires me to sit down & scrap it right away! Can't wait to find more goodies in the basket on my desk!!


Carla said...

I knew exactly which LO of Laura's that you were talking about without looking at the link. Its a great one to lift.
You did a great job on this. Super cute!!

Valerie said...

These are so cute - your girls are going to love these when they are older. I wish my mom had saved some of this stuff.
Nice work!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

love it!!! i've been collecting cool tags for a while and have yet to use more than 1 or 2 on a layout somewhere.

laura vegas said...

i really love these! isn't it such a fun idea, to put a bunch of the tags on a layout! i think i have that same "vanilla star" tag from the girls. and how cute is gianna, loving on her big sister's clothes! my girls wear the exact same size clothes and shoes (even though they're 3 yrs apart) ... so we never have hand me downs. too bad you're not closer ... i could give them to your girls ;)