Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ribbon Storage

I don't know about you, but for me the new year always seems to put me in the mood to re-organize my scrap supplies. Usually I rethink it all & re-do everything but I'm ok with how I have things organized (for the most part).

The thing that's bugging me is my ribbons.

I have them in this 3 drawer chest under my scrap desk. I can get past the fact that I can't fit my legs comfortably under my desk. What bugs me is the ribbons are layered 2 deep in each drawer. Trying to dig out a spool of ribbon can be time-consuming & annoying. Come to think of it I haven't used ribbons on my LO's much. Now the chest holds only my spooled ribbons. The ribbons that come on cards I took apart & wrapped them on embroidery floss bobbins from Michael's & put them in these bead cases. Still not the easiest to get to & yes it's also under my desk, but I'd rather pull those out than the spooled stuff.So my question is this.....

How do you store your ribbons?


Ribbon Addict


Carla said...

I love the big ribbon cards from cropper hopper. I ran out so I made my own by tracing them. I store them in an open canvas basket from Michaels.
My AC ribbon is stored on an office book ring. I punch a hole in one end with my crop o dile and just slide them on. It hangs from my embellishment center. With your space, you should invest in the wooden doll pins and just wrap them around and pin at the end. They you can throw them all in one drawer. I would either get rid of the small floss cards or keep them in a basket that you can reach into. I think you would use ribbon more if you didn't to work so hard to get to it. Good luck!

laura vegas said...

taking them off the spools would free up a ton of space! you know i store mine in big jars. i love it. you can really shove a ton in there .. and then just pull it out in one big pile, dig through, and then shove it all back in. lol! but the same could be done in these drawers.

jediflame said...

I had tons and tons of spools like that, too. I ended up taking all my ribbon off and winding it around cards that are roughly 5"x6" (several ribbons per card). It took a long time, but I was on travel for work with not much else to do at the time (yes, I was crazy and packed a bunch of ribbon spools in my suitcase). All the cards fit neatly in CD baskets from Target and take up sooooo much less space than they used to.

I have a post about it written for my blog, but it's not going to drop for 10 days or so (I write a lot of posts ahead of time because sometimes I get caught up at work and don't have time to write every couple of days). I'll come back and post again when it's up so you can see pictures.

Valerie said...

Hey Sara - I have a similar situation but on a much, much smaller scale! lol It's been a very long time since the only thing in the leg space of my desk was just legs. I agree, take them off the spools maybe use those binder clips to hold together like strands? Store them flat in a clear box? I've also seen them wrapped around wooden clothespins. That would take up less space than the spools and they would be a uniform size.

jediflame said...

I finally got the pics of my ribbon storage up if you're still interested- you'll have to scroll down near the bottom of the post to find them. HTH!