Saturday, January 30, 2010

Silent Night

Apparently I have a problem letting go of Christmas this year. I had printed this pic of my family room awhile ago fully intending to scrap it before Christmas, but it obviously never happened.

As I was cleaning up my desk (story to come in another post), I came across it again & made a point to scrap it since I was all inspired.

Everything on this is from MM's Fa La La line. And since I was in a scrapping mood I didn't want to stop to go mess around with the journaling on the computer so I just hand wrote it.

I have not even begun to scrap my Christmas pics but I am going to try & do something new.....scrap Valentine's day BEFORE the actual day!! LOL I seem to be inspired to work on the holiday/season after it's over all the time....don't intend to at all but it always seems to happen! So now that I've put it out there I need to follow through! LOL!!


Carrie said...

Love it! MM just keeps getting better and better, the Fa La La line was great. Your tree was beautiful, all of those lights! I'm having a tough time letting go of Christmas too, well Fall & the Holidays in general.

Carla said...

gorgeous LO and pic Sara!! Lovin all the fun details here. Yes, the Fa La La is a great line and I love the Slice card even better!