Friday, November 21, 2008


O M G!!


Saw the movie tonight!

Felt like crap thanks to a sinus infection but I loved the movie!! It does follow the book closely with only a few variations but nothing major to change the story line. Some things didn't go with how I pictured it in my head but that's my opinion & I knew that it wouldn't match how it came across my head.

My real problem??

The theater was jam-packed with loads of hormonal teenaged girls. Walking into the theater was mind deafing! They were just LOUD! Joe & I were some of the few adults there & we maturly sat there....and mocked the kids. Joe was wondering if I would blow my top & tell them all to just shut up! And let me tell you, I was this close!

We got to the theater about 30 mins ahead of time (luckily) & it was packed. When the movie finally started all the kids screamed their heads off! You'd think Rob Pattinson had just strolled naked in the theater or something. Then when Emmett & Jasper show up they scream again for each guy. Finally Edward shows up on screen they all freak out! They did this again when they first kissed. They were all getting on my nerves!! They also screamed at the end of the movie AND as they rolled the credits. Sooooo annoying! Grrrrrrrrrrrr!

After the movie was over, Joe & I went to the diner for a quick bite to eat & I filled him in on a lot of details. He liked the movie & the special effects--duh! He's a guy!! But after filling him in on the details I think he liked the whole love story--the big mush! LOVE him!!

He's my Edward!

So if you read the book, go see the movie. Heck even if you haven't read the book go see the movie!!

You'll be DaZzLeD!!


laura vegas said...

alyssa loved the movie! she did say that all the girls were screaming their heads off. lol! she went with her dad. but she said that she probably would've screamed too if she had been with her friends. lol!

and today the ups dude brought her a box ... with all 4 of the books! she read the first 2 books ... but they were borrowed from school. so now she has her own ... and is starting the 3rd book tomorrow.

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

that's why i'm NOT so sorry that i haven't seen it yet...soon, IS driving me crazy!