Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving in Pictures

I think I jinxed myself when I said I wanted to get a lot of good pics this Thanksgiving. Everytime I'd pull out the camera I'd get distracted with something else & put it down.

To begin I want to show (off) the lovely (& tasty) apple pies I made Wed. I usually make 2 just in case 1 doesn't come out nice.

I also baked 9 dozen of my slighty famous (in my own mind anyway) chocolate chip cookies. This should last long enough to keep Joe happy until I start my Christmas baking.

My sister Chet & I. Don't mind my apron I didn't want to get dirty while I cooked.

Marissa all dolled up in her new favorite outfit. She loves the skirt! I love the girl!

Gianna the budding photographer (she need lessons badly)

My father-in-law brought me these pretty flowers

The bird came out AWESOME!! Nice & golden brown & MOIST!! YUMMMMMM!
The dessert spread (sorry camera didn't want to flash)Chestnuts--Thanksgiving tradition Apple Pie
Gotta have some chocolate in there right?

Mini Caramel Apples (will post recipe soon)
Cheesecake (forgot to make the strawberries to spoon on top) Assort cookies (only the chocolate chip are mine. the rest are my sisters & aunt's)
My sister Chet brought this CHOCOLATE cornucopia filled with cookies. The kids attacked it!!Marissa & Nikki playing games slowly getting into "jammie time".Gianna was quick to get in her jammies & play games. My sister Marie, Tyler, & Chet
Me, Chet & Marie. Can't tell you how many pics the girls took of us together before we got one we were all happy with.

The guys? Yep they were there. Nope they didn't get any pics--they were in "turkey comas".


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

good stuff...the apple pies look awesome!! i am sure it was all yummy!

laura vegas said...

lots of goodies there! how come all i got offered at our thanksgiving was pumpkin pie ... which we all hate. lol!