Sunday, November 9, 2008

This Dude...

Yes more of the 8x8 album! This time it's not about my neice Destiny, & it's not a wedding LO. This time it's a school pic AND it's about a boy--something I don't normally scrap!!

This little dude is Matthew. I know Matt from working with his mom Carolee. She's one of my best friends & we had the best times working together while we harrassed people to pay their bills (we worked in credit & collections--it was ok to harrass them!)

Still using more of the old stash, hoping to someday be rid of it all, but for now happy that I'm finally using it.

I can't even begin to tell you how fast this LO came together!! This is the same little guy from the top LO, Matthew with his dog. Gotta love those quick & easy photo cards at Christmas!!

I'm all about quick & easy & this card was. The thing that took the longest was the little tag. I finally used those cute little $1 Studio G stamps that I got from M's & added some Stickles. Stickles are just so fun to play with---another favorite toy!

I made this LO in about 10 mins before Grey's last week. I was happy about 3 things, 1.-It was time for Grey's. 2.- It came together really fast, 3.- I used some old paper!!

Again another Christmas card from Carolee & her son Matt. She had taken him & her neice out to pick a Christmas tree & they started goofing around. They came up with the idea of having it look like the tree was falling down on Matt. Leave it to Carolee to come up with a different Christmas card. Love her!!

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{Susan...Seriously.} said...

holy cow,'re on a roll...i need to scrap, want to scrap, but have spent a lot of the past 2 days trying to organize my space goal is to be able to take pics and post them on my blog. but it will have to wait, we have company this week.