Friday, November 7, 2008

Nonna's House

Since the kids had no school yesterday & today, my sister & I planned to take the kids to visit my mom. My mom, always one to lay on the "mother's guilt trip" made sure we were coming to visit. I let her know I'd be there sometime around noon, wouldn't you know it, at exactly 12pm my phone rang wondering when I'd be leaving. LOL! You don't think she was excited do you?

So here are all 6 of the grandkids. They were all wound up from being together & were just LOUD!

These two are the oldest, Michael & Destiny. The younger kids pretty much adore them. I showed them my blog & they have it saved to their PSP games (I have lots to learn about kids "toys"). So HI!! to them both--I told them I'd post their pics here.

Here are Nikki & Tyler. They weren't really in the mood for pics & had to get the popsicles included. I called them a couple of "suckers".

Of course here are my 2. Both happily munching the treats my mom got for them.Not long after this pic was taken we had to leave. There's nothing like having a kid coming off a sugar high & freaking out. No details, don't feel like reliving the torture. Tomorrow will be better--right??

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