Friday, October 24, 2014

Thoughts About Project Life

For some time now, I find myself reluctantly working on my Project Life pages.  I find that having to "work" at a hobby drains the fun out of it.  It's become too time consuming.  I'm working on our June trip to Disney and will end my first album for the year with this trip.

I like the idea if you don't do any other scrapbooking, but I started out scrapbooking and thought this would be a fun side project.  When the side project became the ONLY project, it became work.

I have a ton of Pocket Scrapbooking supplies as well as my original supplies.  It's out of hand.  So now I have come to the decision that I will finish out my album for 2014, but that's it.  I'm not going to purge all my PL stuff since I'm sure I could incorporate it into my regular scrapbooking...then again I might do a giveaway. Who knows??!!!

I also won't be sharing my album pages.  It's getting pretty redundant.  A lot of pages look similar to some degree.  I love looking at them but I'm just done with it.  I want to bring back the "fun" to scrapbooking.

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