Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pumpkin Carving 2014

The way we got the girls to go pumpkin picking this year was to promise to carve them.  We've only carved them once before when the girls were younger and just been slackers ever since.  Usually just display them outside with nothing on them.  Oh well!  No parent of the year prizes here!!

So today we got out our carving supplies, chose designs and got to work.

Gianna took to digging out the guts like a pro.

De-gutting pumpkins is serious business around here.

Gianna chose to do a Dalmatian, but I quickly took over since it was bath night, leaving a little for her to finish.  I've since been reprimanded about carving duties and had my arm twisted into getting more pumpkins for them. (secretly it's always been my wish to have a porch full of pumpkins so this is no problem! LOL!)

Marissa chose to carve Stitch, which is her favorite character.  Knowing I'd take over if she didn't finish in time, she diligently carved it all herself.  She did fantastic!

We added the lights and set them outside, and they look awesome!!

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